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How is ROI Calculated?

What is ROI?

ROI is an acronym for "Return on Investment." Otherwise know as your Trading Bonus. This bonus is credited weekly (when available) to your Bonus Account every Friday.

Is ROI a fixed amount?

Absolutely not. NovaTech is trading on the live market. Earnings cannot be pre-determined. 

How is ROI calculated?

Deposit made x (Weekly ROI % / 7) x # Days Trading = Amount Paid


Deposit Made Monday $1000.00.
Weekly ROI Paid = 3%

To calculate your earnings using above math, take the deposit made of $1000 x (3% divided by 7 to get daily ROI = .428%) = $4.28 per day x 4 days trading = $17.12 ROI PAID

Market Trading Explained:

Trading requires the active trading of fiat and cryptocurrency. 

Forex trading is not like trading stocks - where if the market is crashing, everyone is losing money, or when the market is doing great, everyone is making money. 

Forex has what they call a "bull" and "bear" market. Bull meaning when currencies are increasing in value, Bear meaning when currencies are losing value. 

It is possible to still make money in both these situations, it all depends on what position our traders are in when the market is moving. Although traders are skilled to best predict which direction the market may be going, it's far from being predictable. The Forex market moves very quickly. 

NovaTech is actively trading on this market and the crypto market daily. What we pay out on Friday is a culmination of profits made from the trading activity that took place during the week. 

ROI varies depending on trading activity, and we can only pay out on profit made as of when ROI is paid, knowing there is activity taking place every day. Meaning we cannot pay out profits that haven't yet been made. A trade must be closed before it is considered a profit that can be paid out.

The goal is long-term profit over a period of time, not just week to week, but month to month, and year to year!

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