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My Account Has Been Deleted.

There are 2 situations in which member accounts may be deleted.

1. New member registrations have a period of 10 calendar days to fund their newly registered accounts before their accounts are permanently deleted.

During this time, users have an active backoffice and sponsor link. Commissions and ROI are only paid on funded accounts.

Once an account is deleted, a new registration is required.

2. Existing users with previously trading PAMM accounts that have 

    a. removed all of their trading balances 


    b. have not paid their services fees for a period of 30 days or more

will also be permanently deleted. A new account registration will be required.

We encourage all new and existing members to purchase an Affiliate Package for $49.95, which carries a $2.95/mo subscription fee, if they wish to keep their account active during periods it is not actively trading.

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