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Payment Issues

Payment and Funding Issues

You will be happy to learn that most payment issues can be resolved quickly and with no issues by following some simple 

guidelines. NovaTech utilizes CoinPayments as a payment processor and all inquiries or issues regarding payments made 

should be made directly to CoinPayments at  



I made a payment and it isn't yet reflected in my trading account. 

Payments are marked completed and credited to trading accounts once we receive a minimum of 2 confirmations from Blockchain. Please check your transaction ID number generated from your cryptocurrency wallet to ensure at least 2 confirmations have been made. 

My transaction ID is confirmed, but my trading account is still not updated.

If Blockchain is showing 2 or more confirmations, and your trading account has still not updated, please check your email for any communications from indicating of any issues with your payment. Kindly reply directly to their email. 

I received a Payment Timed Out message from CoinPayments but my payment was already sent.

Due to the fluctuation of Bitcoin and altcoins, a time restriction is placed on payment windows to complete your transaction. If multiple payment windows were opened, and your trading account reflects the correct payment, there is no need to do anything. 

However, if you received a Payment TImed Out message and your trading account is still not updated, please reply to the message from CoinPayments. They would have included a link to receive a refund. In which case, you will need to process your payment again. 

This issue can be avoided by using only newly opened windows to complete your transaction. Please note, even if payment received, you will still receive messages regarding the unused payment windows that have timed out.   

I sent the wrong amount of cryptocurrency.

CoinPayments will only send payments to NovaTech that are complete and accurate.

If a payment is short-paid, you will receive a communication from advising to pay the difference owed. This payment must be made within the appropriate time to be credited. If not, then you will receive a Payment Timed Out message and a follow-up message with a link to request a refund. Please note, NovaTech DOES NOT receive the partial payment made.

If a payment is over-paid, CoinPayments will send NovaTech the amount indicated in your order and a follow-up message will be sent to you to request a refund of the overpayment. 

If further assistance is required, please contact us at

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