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Holding Tank



What is it?

A holding tank is a holding queue where newly registered members are held for a period of up to 48 hours. During this time, the new member may access their backoffice and start to build their own downlines. However, they will not be visible in their uplines' genealogy tree until they are removed from queue and placed in the tree by their Sponsor. 

What is the purpose of it?

A holding tanks gives you more power over your business. Unlike traditional unilevels and binaries that do not boast a holding tank, NovaTech's system allows affiliates the ability to build teams strategically. 

Benefits and considerations include: 

  • Leverage for the Sponsor
  • Grouping members based on location
  • Grouping members based on relationship
  • Providing spillover to assist teams in achieving ranks

How do we use it?

  1. Register new member
  2. Go to Holding Tank in menu
  3. Select placement ID by choosing a Distributor to place with (6 digit code) 
  4. Verify placement by Clicking Place Now. 

All Placements are final and cannot be undone!

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