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How to Request a Cashout




  1.   Click on E-Wallet in Backoffice menu
  2.   Click on Wallet Address
  3.   Choose the Coin Method you wish to use to receive payment (BTC, ETH, or LTC.)
  4.   Enter PIN Number (If doing this for the 1st time you will be required to enter a NEW PIN number, and confirm it.)
  5.   Click Save Wallet Coin. 
    Please note you must enter a valid wallet address for the coin you have chosen! NovaTech is not liable nor responsible for addresses entered incorrectly. 


  1.   Click on E-Wallet in Backoffice menu
  2.   Click on Log Into E-Wallet 
  3.    Click on Request Cashout (top menu)
  4.   Select wallet for withdrawal (Commission, ROI, or Trading Balance)
  5.   Enter amount to transfer. 
  6.   Balances will be transferred to NovaTech, LTD holding account for approval. 


  • Commission and ROI E-wallet cashout requests may be made at any time. Please allow up to 24 hours for the release to be processed. 

  • Trading Balance cashout requests may be made at any time. Please allow up to 7 to 14 business days for the released to be processed. 

  • Once released by NovaTech, timing may vary according to Blockchain processing times. 

  • Funds will be transferred at current market value of Bitcoin at the time the payout is released.  


  • Commisions and ROI Requests: NovaTech does not charge a fee to withdraw. However, CoinPayments charges a withdrawal transaction fee in addition to  any applicable Blockchain network fees. Minimum withdrawal amounts may apply. 
    BTC Withdrawal = 0.0004 BTC (Please note: Currently 0.001 BTC April 20,2021)
    ETH Withdrawal = 0.004 ETH
    LTC Withdrawal = 0.006 LTC

  • Trading Balance : Capital investments may be withdrawn by requesting an Investment Payout. Investment payouts may also be requested at any time. However, these payouts require up to 7 to 14 business days to process and are subject to the following fees:
    • Trading Balance Payout Requests made within 3 months of your registration date will be subject to a 15% Processing Fee. 
    • After 3 months (days 91 and beyond) a member may withdraw any portion of their trading balances and choose to stop trading with NovaTech at no additional cost. 
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