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This bonus qualifies the Sponsor to receive a matching percentage of all trading profits earned from their direct downline (Sponsor tree) up to 10%.  

All ranks qualify for the potential to earn from this bonus, including Affiliate packages without active trading accounts (monthly fees must be paid up to date.) 

Please see chart below:

Check matching bonuses post on same day as trading profits. 

Example: John sponsors Mary who receives $100 in trading profits this week. Mary sponsors Nancy who makes $100 in trading profits this week. 

Nancy sponsors Karla who also makes $100 in trading profits this week.  Karla sponsors Mike who makes $100 profits this week. Mike sponsors Anne who makes $100 profits. (Total 5 levels)

  • John as the 1st Sponsor will receive the following commissions: 
    • 1st level (Mary) = $100 x 5% = $5 total
    • 2nd level (Nancy) = $100 x 2% = $2 total
    • 3rd – 5th Levels (Karla, Mike & Jane) = $300 x 1% = $3 total 
    • Total commissions received = $10.00
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